Sunday, 15 December 2013


Since I forgot to put this file into the .zip I already threw to internet, and I can't bother to go through that experience again today, I'll dump an immutable version of this file here:

* Change-log
- Version 0.3
  + Added the drawing-dsl with basic keyboard polling functionality (
  + Added a basic demo to show what it can do
    Please note that the demo isn't mind-blowing. The code running that demo is.

- Version 0.2
  + Removed dependencies to old java-classes
  + Almost feature-compatible with the old memapper
  + First actually useable release in this branch
  + Old map-file - code discarded completely. I'll blog more about the planned map-file structure in somewhat near future.

- Version 0.1
  + A basic demo which experimented with writing the memapper in Clojure

- Rendering layers with opacity not either 255 or 0 in the editor is slow. Not tested if Processing/Quil is faster in this...
- Remove SELECTED tileset - button is broken, and pressing it probably kills the session irrecoverably
- Tilesets higher than 4*50 pixels probably won't fit in the screen. This happens with my Mac in resolution 1680 * 1050, and I haven't tested how the layout acts elsewhere and with other resolutions.
- You cant actually do anything useful with this release yet - since you can't save and load maps. In a next release I plan to write a system to (de-/)serialize the merpg.State - namespace (from/)to disk..
- The multiple-languageness of this project is ridiculous. That'll need some actions in a near future...

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