Friday, 21 February 2014

Babbling of the Lomaproosa

I don't think anyone but Tässi will understand anything of this mind dump for I've still not managed to publish the old Lomaproosa anywhere. However, let this be published here, in a place where it is easily fetched.

I should continue the Lomaproosa - project. I have been doing thinking, and I am sure the stealing of Rajol's children would be... well, it would be a cliche, but a cliche that kickstarts the story. I'll edit it into something else if and when I see fit. The children, who Rajol doesn't know are his, are stolen to the lands of the south. Who are these thieves? And what the hell exists in the south?

Some time ago we decided with Tässi that although in the regular maps the north is in the up and west is in the left side of the map, in the maps of MERPG (available in the the north is to the left and the west is thus to the down. This provides some sort of help for the cartographers (in other words, me, until Tässi is again available), but I fail to recall the exact nature of this help. Still, what is there in the south?

There should not be grand wizards, for they are supposed to be dead now that the Tuula was got rid of in the end of the previous text, and bringing them back would be as ridiculous as the Daleks, who are killed into extinction in the every other series of the Doctor Who. Pirates, which I think I spoke something of in the previous text, are also a ridiculous cliche, albeit a popular one. I should play the Assassin's Creed 4 through though until I write anything real of the pirates.

But what do I put into the south!? Who would be stupid enough to steal the children of the greatest hero the universe has ever seen. And how should the said hero understand the kids are his? And how should I get back to the guild he thinks views him a failure? And, of course, WHAT DOES EXIST IN THE SOUTH?

Let's try associations. In the lion king, there are the lions, who can be associated to the guild in my texts. Then there are the animals that aren't lions, but aren't the hyenas either. These can be associated to the common folks. Then, the hyenas, the awful guys. Who can they be associated to?

Some sort of nomadic tribe, I'd say. They don't know anything of the magic, which I'd say didn't work too well in the old text, but with their swords, horses and siege weapons they are extremely fatal to both villages such as the Vo Wacune (a tribute to the author who introduced me to the genre of fantasy, may he rest in peace) where the Rajol resides, and castles such as the guild's, resided by the assassins and their leader, Rajol's beloved Amrah. If these guys raze the Wacune (again with the tributes...), harass the guild into its knees and destroy half of the world that survived the mass destruction of the first story, I'd have a base to build the story on.

But what does motivate this tribe to attack the northern world? I could follow the Conn Iggulden's idea of the civilized world discriminating the nomads, but what for would the Amrah, the undoubted leader of the post-war world and one trying to unite the world, do bad things against them? No. Are they lacking in food, and also attracted by shiny metals the cities of the north are filled with? Yes, that could work. Food and gold, another cliche, but I'm not afraid of them, as you could see had I published the old text anywhere.

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