Tuesday, 23 December 2014

I made a tetris!

I made a tetris. You can download it from the Github, if you can make sense of the Releases - list. I might have to hack a real release-distribution channel at some point, but for a leisure project such as this, github has to suffice. It's still better than distributing links to my Dropbox's Public-folder.

There are binaries for Windows and Mac. Because practically nobody at school is going to grade this as .rpm, .dpkg, or whatever-the-arch-pacman-uses, I don't care to learn to wrap such packages for Linux. I made a Mac package, because I was somewhat interested in how .dmgs are made, had my laptop with me, and a free slot of time to kill. Windows package I made because if someone is going to try my game, for example in school, it is most likely tried on a Windows machine.

If on linux, what you have to do would be the following on my arch-box:

git clone https://github.com/feuery/tetris.git
pacman -S scons SDL2 SDL2_ttf
cd tetris
cd ./bin
*Copy a font of your choosing to this dir, with name 'DejaVuSans-bold.ttf'*

On you basic Fedora- or Ubuntu-boxen the dev-sdl-packages and regular sdl-packages are different packages.

Merry christmas!

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