Sunday, 25 January 2015


So, last year has gone, this year begun. I'm in Kotka, land is white with snow and everything seems ordinary. Unbelievably dull and uncreative environment for such a free spirit as me, don't you agree? Well, for starters, I don't. Last spring I tried to enhance the creativity of this dull-sounding environment by barricading myself in this flat. Results I've hopefully talked long enough already here. Last autumn I tried similar thing by participating in the startup-things. That worked out a bit better. I didn't produce anything concrete in them, but now I understand how my thinking has been flawed. I might be committing one of the deathly sins, but I think I'm scrapping the Lomaproosa, the original unreleased tale of my world of Kanariffa, to be just a (too) long-lived design document. Currently I have a prequel to that tale under development, in english this time, and once I have solid foundations, I'll rewrite the Lomaproosa in english too. It needs a rewrite, not only because of my arguably stupid dream of worldwide audience, but there is the whole middle-section I'd like to burn in eternal fires of oblivion.

Let's return to this world. Barricading myself in with the computer is supposed to be more creative than trying to be a bloody extrovert, isn't it? I mean, last spring I came up with the instant messenger-thingy, whereas last autumn I didn't create anything, as I just said. If we value our actions only by concrete creations, then yes, last spring was infinitely better, but if we value also well-being and have some long term vision, autumn was better. It pains me to say this, for I know what a PITA people can be, but creativity is not something that is found within oneself. Or at least not within me. I actually do require people to be able to think at all. There would be no Kanariffa without me and a few friends abusing caffeine in the middle of the long summer nights. There could be MERPG if I interacted with any designers face-to-face in my daily life (thanks KyAMK for keeping them in the north and us in the south!). Fortunately though I don't, for if such a thing existed, its biggest asset, the story, would be a disappointment.

But past is past, and I must face this newish year bold. Shall I also perish with it boldly? That remains to be seen.

I don't remember if I have announced this here yet. I'm in our local student association's board. I don't have (at least yet) any real responsibility, so pedagogically I'm just trying to infer how these organization thingies are ran. There's also some space to influence things, and I see a WTF in a need of fixing, I wont hesitate to do so. But the best thing I enjoy there? The general feeling of insanity. Days are long, but people seem to enjoy each other. This is nice, for this kind of environment boosts creativity. The organization has existed for thirty years, so there's some culture I need to get familiar with. So, more things to inspire from.

I'm interested if it's only the company of diverse people that has creative results in things I do, or being out of the comfort zone in general. I'm very close to applyin as a tutor. This sounds like the complete opposite of what I like doing, what with a billion familiar and unfamiliar people to interact with, and no absolute, correct answer to solve the whatever problem tutors are trying to solve.

There are serious human-related thingies (not neccessarily problems) that I'm looking forward to pondering on. Now, with clock 1:30am and alarm set up at 8am, I fare thee good night and merry last day of GGJ tomorrow.